And so it begins…

I am a librarian. I’ve worked in my library for the past five years, and I love it. I love working with people, helping them find the information they need to live their lives as successfully as they can do. I love books, obviously, but I also love using The Internet, online resources, and the greatest resource of all; other people.

I gained an MSc in Information and Library Management in October 2014, after two years of distance learning and honestly I don’t think the fact I’m¬†actually qualified has sunk in yet. The next obvious step in terms on career progression is the Charter. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some issue with this. Being a member of CILIP is VERY expensive, and a couple of years ago I would have dismissed the idea. This last summer I went and did a poster presentation at my local group meeting and one of the presenter said something that really made me think-it isn’t about what CILIP can do for you, it’s what YOU do that makes it.

I went to the New Professional’s Day in October (which you can read about in my report I did for eLucidate) and this again got me all fired up about career progression, again with some trepidation. You basically have to do a LOT in the world of libraries to get even noticed by potential future employers. I know from experience that the ‘best’ librarians and future leaders of my professional don’t spend that much time working an issue desk. You have to go on every conference (and get sponsorship for them), participate in every hashtag, read every blogpost and report and book and journal and then, EVEN THEN, it’s not good enough. Because you ALSO have to participate in your local CILIP group, preferably doing a ‘job’ for then, and you have to start a LibraryCamp, and get yourself published…

The list goes on.

So I’ve decided, for a start, to do my Chartership. I can’t go to every conference because I can’t afford it and I work full time. I can’t participate much in the Twitter hashtags unless I use an anonymous account because I work in education. But this is something my wonderful employer will support, and something that will both push me and make me see where my gaps are. My biggest flaw is that I can get complacent about my abilities and I tend to look for stuff I’m already good at or know a bit about rather than think about librarianship as a whole and where it could lead me. Hopefully the Chartership process will make me look outside my information-literacy-reading-promotion-elearning bubble and focus on the job as a whole. My main aim, at the end, is to be a better librarian.

So I’ve met a potential Lovely Mentor, and I’m planning on registering on payday. My first big job is to battle through this here PKSB, which will probably be my next post.

I want this blog to be a personal one in which I can be honest, as I think an important part of reflective practice is honesty about how things make you feel or how you feel about things. However, this doesn’t mean I’m always right, or that my way of doing things is the be all and end all. If you would like to discuss anything please do!

J xxx


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