PKSB Initial Assessment – Part 1

This is a rather long and complex document, which I’m tackling in bits. This blog post covers my initial thoughts and feelings, Ethics and Values, and parts 1-3 of Professional Expertise.

My first thoughts regarding this whole things upon my first skim-reading through it were ‘oh my goodness I have forgotten half my Masters…’. I KNOW I studied Organising Knowledge, I KNOW I’ve written a 3000 word essay on Knowledge Management, and I KNOW I did very well in said essay, but can I remember ANYTHING about it? Can I hell.

My second thought, whilst a thousand ideas were popping out of my head (I’m a thinker-upper, not necessarily a do-er. Belbin loves me) was that this really is going to take over my life. I’ve just got a tiny slice of it back, with the four month break between handing in my dissertation and starting this thing allowing me to take up volunteering in other areas that I love. This whole work/life/librarianship balance really is going to prove tough, but having being assured by the Careers 2015 guide I catalogued this morning that Chartered librarians earn about 4k more than non-Chartered ones (hmmm) I am determined to persevere. Here are my thoughts.

Ethics and Values

There is not enough room in the comments box for all my thoughts and feelings towards what is after all central to working anywhere, never mind in the incredibly sensitive and complicated world of information.

This has made me realise I don’t do that much on the E&V front! I could go on forever about what I’ve read about this, what I’ve actually done is a lot smaller. Is just reading about an issue and signing a petition enough? It made me think about my commitment to enterprises such as RLC, which I do not contribute enough to, and changes to copyright law, which I never really keep up with in enough depth. I would really like some advice about how I can be more committed and concerned about the issues brought up in this section as I have a feeling this is the part that’s going to give me sleepless nights.

Professional Expertise

In general this process is making me really think about where my experience so far has taken me in terms of the variety of librarian skills I am learning-and what I can do to expand on this. My work-based task list mostly consists of ‘talk to X about joining this task group’, and another major project on evaluating my library’s metadata. These would be useful things to do anyway, but by actually facing up to just how limited my experience has been up to now I’m pushing myself to do this. Whether I’ll actually have time within the working week away from the day-to-day running of the library is another matter. I don’t think it will be practical to run a focus group on keywords used within an online journals list when you’ve got a seven hour desk shift every day, but this is something that I can bring up within my evaluation.

I’m also now fairly desperate to learn about another classification scheme. This is something I already thought I was limited in-I have only ever worked with Dewey. So if there are any music librarians out there who want to explain how that all works to me so I can practice on my bf’s vinyl collection that would be ace…

Another thing I’m not so sure about is if you can include stuff you do have experience of, but not necessarily within libraries. 2.7 for instance. I know I do this outside of my work, I know how to network, I know how to organise an event and get people together to learn from each other. However I’m not so sure tweeting other Northern RLC people and asking if they fancy a pint will cut the mustard as far as fulfilling the criteria goes! This really has given me the impetus to thinking properly about sorting an RLC asap.

What I like about it is how it is making me be honest with myself. It isn’t like an appraisal, where you’re scrabbling around for ways in which you fill a narrow criteria-this wider scope and easier way of marking yourself makes it a lot easier for career and self-evaluation and therefore, hopefully, progression.


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