Changes, pauses, and gearing up

I’m starting a new job soon so kind of in limbo as to Plans For Chartership. I have been incredibly lucky in having supportive managers in my current role, and we’d figured out a Big Plan for how I could tick off all the development needs highlighted by the PKSB (with advice from my Mentor-who really made me look at things in a different, more positive way which is always useful) and then BAM, I find out I’ve scored an amazing new job. Not that I’m in any way complaining but the Chartership will be taking a back seat for the next month or so whilst I sort myself out.

I have however tried to sort myself out with some sort of Plan of Action and really do have a massive thankyouIoweyouapint hat tip to Bethan Ruddock, who very handily has published her portfolio online. It’s from 2010, so completely different to what I’ll be eventually submitting (cripes) BUT has an excellent grid of how she identified weaknesses and planned to improve upon them. I’ve taken a similar approach, and created a spreadsheet on my OneDrive with my training needs, proposed actions, outcomes, projected timescales and progress markers for the next twelve months, and I’m finding that a really useful tool to organize different things I need to do.

Stuff I’ve decided to initially focus on from the PKSB (and this may change depending on what I can accomplish with my new job…)

1. Organising Knowledge and Information: Cataloguing, Subject Indexing, Classification Schemes, Database Management

8. Literacies and Learning

10. Strategy, Planning and Management

11. Customer Focus, Service Design and Marketing

Wider Library, Information and Knowledge Sector Context

Wider Organisation and Environmental Context

To this end I’ve signed up for my first ever MOOC in Library Advocacy, which I’m desperately behind on but never mind, and I’m also going to the Leeds Central Library Tour this Sunday, purely for pleasure as it gives me an excuse to have a looksy around a beautiful building. I’m also planing on attending the New Librarian Professionals Network ‘Get Career Ready’ event in Sheffield on the 21 March, which I’m hoping will be a really good networking opportunity as well as a chance to hear to some excellent speakers and learn a bit more about making the most of professional networks-something I definitely need to do more of!

So far, so good!


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