Just keep swimming…

The last month has been a surprisingly busy one for me. I’ve organised and facilitated a one-day exploration of my library’s services for the librarians of the FE Consortium Colleges: presented at the Librarian’s As Teachers Conference at Aston University, and then later this week I’m off to the Business Librarians Association Conference in Liverpool, which I’m very excited about. On top of all that my personal life has also been full, what with it being the Big Booked at the start of the month and Brownie Camp a couple of weeks ago.

So I haven’t been doing any Chartership blogging BUT I am plugging away at writing up reflective pieces of all the events I’ve done, and I plan on doing a big blog piece on the BLA Conference. I’ve also met with my exceedingly lovely mentor who has pointed out that instead of writing pages and pages about everything maybe I should actually LOOK at my gaps from the PKSB and try and fill them-once again I’m guilty of making the circumstances fit the development, rather that looking at my actual cpd needs!

So I’ve got a long list of Jobs to do over the Summer, such as interviewing different people within my organisation to find out more about how the library fits in the overall life cycle of the students, and read, digest and reflect upon our strategic plan (joy joy joy).

I’m also planning on doing a blog piece on environmental scanning, which is on the VLE for Wider Organisational and Environmental Context as a reflective exercise, which should be nice and meaty. To that end I encourage you to read my colleague Laura Woods’ excellent series of blog posts on her recent teacher training course that I was going to be doing, but someone had to stay and do the Consortium Day… šŸ™‚

Other dates in my diary…

Wednesday 8 July myself and other Chartership types from Yorkshire are meeting up for a pint at the Adelphi from 5.30 onwards. This is being organised by CILIP Y&H.

Thursday 16 July I’m going to the UKeiG and CILIP Y&H Networking Event in Sheffield, where there will be talks on social media. Laura is speaking alongside Penny Andrews, who is always entertaining and brilliant, and Karen Dolman, who I don’t know.

Monday 20 July myself and another colleague Penny Dunn will be speaking at the University of Hertfordshire, as part of their conference on Subject Librarians within HE.


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