Back in March I attended a one day event hosted by the NLPN and CILIP Y&H on ‘Getting Career Ready’, which I’ve already blogged about. During this conference I got chatting with some other librarians about how inspiring we found the speaker who presented her dissertation findings and how she’d applied them to her work, and how much of a shame it was that our dissertations had never really seen the light of day since being handed in, in my case last September.

This sparked a longer conversation online about why this was, and how there was a massive gap in the market for a conference that showcased specifically dissertation research of LIS graduates from accross the discipline. One that allowed for first time presenters and researchers, brand new professionals, and anyone from LIS academia to showcase the wealth of ‘stuff’ that pours out of Universities every year.

Myself and three other librarians have been in cahoots for the past few months and now, we can proudly present LISDIS, a conference which will be taking place in Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield on 14 November this year.

Planning this conference I think has been a fabulous edition to my Chartership adventure. It has made me think about how to present a business case to my employer in order to get them to support hosting it: how to ask for monies from people and organisations: how to communicate with people effectively remotely (as the co-organisers are based in four different cities, a LOT of emailing and Google Hangouting has occurred): how to use online tools conjunctively and, perhaps the most important, how to take an idea and actually DO something with it.

I’ll be evaluating the experience for my portfolio after the event, but for now I’m really excited and looking forward to the conference and hearing about some of the great pieces of research my fellow newly qualified LIS professionals have done.


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