Current Status

I currently not so much ‘taking a break’ from Chartership as putting the ‘writing things up’ part on hold whilst other, bigger, stuff goes on. September/October is arguable academic librarians’ busiest time of year what with all the library inductions and teaching, which I am loving. I’ve really learnt from thinking reflectively about my teaching earlier in the Chartership process and am now a lot more conscious of what I’m doing and, IMO, a bit more ‘professional’ in my approach. I’m writing lesson plans and I’m analyzing the classes afterwards: what went wrong, what could be improved next time, and acting on these reflections. I’m also including more interactive elements, games, TEL and critical thinking. This is such a marked different to the ‘chalk and talk’ lecture style showing-what-buttons-to-press sessions I used to run, where I never really thought about the impact. I am now looking at which post-grad teaching qualification I should be going for in order to learn a little bit more about the theory and pedagogy behind what I’m doing. Who knows, it might open up a whole new career path for me…

I’m also ploughing on with co-organising LISDIS, the conference focusing on LIS dissertations. We’re all so pleased with the positive response the conference is getting, but you can still get a free place for the 14 November, at the University of Huddersfield’s Heritage Quay.

So yes, busy busy busy. I’ve kind of been thinking about the evaluative statement in terms of what bits of my portfolio I’m going to link to what sections, and I’ve sort of decided the bare bones of my portfolio, which is going to probably end up looking something a bit like

  • LISDIS write up and reflection on the whole process of putting on an event with others who are all remote from you. This of course entirely depends on how LISDIS goes!

Conference reports, storifies etc

Reflections on working practice

  • Teaching reflections
  • Environmental Scanning blog series
  • A few other pieces of writing that are reflections of projects I’ve been doing in my day job over the past six months, and a look at our strategic plan and my part in that

Wider stuff

According to people in the Facebook Chartership chat group you should include a wide range of stuff, but not absolutely shed loads. I personally think most of these being links to the wider professionis a good thing but I’ll just have to see what my mentor says as I know a lot of the evaluative statement is specifically tied to reflections on your actual workplace-which I get because it’s about having better librarians/libraries after all, but I think this reemphasizes that a lot of librarians do SO MUCH outside of their actual jobs-I know I barely scratch the surface of stuff I could/should be doing! Fortunately though the evaluative statement allows for you to identify needs and explain how you are going to fill in those gaps-so for example in my case it would be the teaching qualification and, in order to get a bit more experience of collaboration and working within a committee atmosphere I am hopefully going to be looking into joining a local CILIP group committee. If anyone has any suggestions of how to do this whilst maintaining at least a semblance of work/life balance please let me know!

But I’m not overly worried about it all….the plan is to (crosses all fingers) get it all written up and finished by Christmas so I can relax a bit over the break. But I’m not counting my chickens yet. I’m just pleased that I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities this year to further myself professionally and that Chartership has allowed me to take stock of that and reflect on them, rather than have one of those moments of going ‘well THAT was a fun year!’ but not really doing anything with it.

To everyone who is starting a new term-good luck and break and leg! And to anyone who isn’t, best get the gin on ice…


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